Would a 11 Dodge Caliber radio fit in a 07 Dodge Caliber?

i obtained a vintage 07 Dodge Caliber that we definitely love, I happened to be wondering if a radio product from a 2011 design would easily fit in a 07 design? The 11 has actually bluetooth plus some various other functions so its somewhat of an upgrade if its likely. The air products design the 2011 design is a little distinctive from the 07 variation, therefore can you really swap all of them away? Would the Hands-free and BT work? I am having the radio from a caliber thats getting parted away if it tends to make any huge difference. 

Never waste your cash.  Get an actual improvement with an aftermarket amp and stereo.  They will certainly appear far better and can include a warranty even though you could need a specialist to set up it.

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