will they sell you sushi grade fish at publix the one the chef uses to make for the store?

I want the fish to make my own sushi

Highly doubtful.
You need to go to a seafood market that specializes in only seafood.
I’m in Florida and I never see Sushi grade fish at Publix.
( I go there to spy because I’m in the Gourmet market business, so I look at everything).
We however do sell Sushi grade Tuna.( Ahi).
When wild Salmon is in season we have Sushi grade Salmon.
For any other fish I would go to a place that specializes in seafood only. Just to be sure.

The sushi chef is a contractor and orders their own fish delivered to publix. Fresh fish right out of the ocean could have tapeworms or other pathogens. FDA guidelines for consumption of raw seafood states it needs to be held at -4 degrees F, for 7 days. There are also storage requirements. So frozen is a must to kill the bad stuff. Anyone claiming fresh, not frozen is using marketing terms to make us feel good about perceived quality. You can special request any food from publix. Just have to buy a case or whatever unit is normally purchased by publix

Publix Fish

possibly. i love publix sushi, and they now make it with brown rice too. you would be better off going to a local seafood market, i am in florida and there is no lack of fish markets here.

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