Will Menards cut wood when you buy it?

If I buy 2x4s at Menards, will they cut them to the size I need? If so, how much would it cost to have them do this?

Ask them


Not usually. The only time Menard’s will cut wood is to fit in your vehicle and to cut the size you need…An example is if you buy 6-2×4’s and they are 16 feet long and you need 12 2×4’s 8 feet, they will cut them but they don’t cut for any specific size.

Menards Vinyl Siding

Why on line? Home Depot and Lowe’s both cut lumber for a nominal fee. Get your вυŧŧ out of the chair and go. They don’t charge shipping or insurance, either!

Sometimes, if they are not too busy. I have bought plywood, and they cut it so it would fit in the car.

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