Will give a brainlest which statement does not describe the coniferous forest biome?

Will give a brainlest which assertion doesn’t describe the coniferous forest biome? summers are typically brief. seasonal temperatures range broadly. rainfall is scarce. winters are lengthy and chilly.

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Rainfall is scarce.
Clarification: Coniferous forests are one of many coldest biomes of the world. They exhibit very low annual rainfall, brief summers and cold and hot and lengthy winters. The temperatures of the area exhibit lengthy vary. They’re dominated by the vegetation cowl of coniferous bushes which exhibit diversifications like needles as an alternative of leaves and cones as an alternative of flowers which preserves seeds. The leaves and flowers are absent due to scanty rainfall and low daylight that are vital for photosynthesis and blooming of flowers.

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rainfall is scarce Clarification:

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The reply is ozone layer.

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