Why would the painting above be considered baroque

Why would the portray above be thought-about baroque

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A Clarification: B. irrelevant C. doable D. significantly A is the reply that makes probably the most sense

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b. Emotion is current within the face of the mom and there’s a sturdy distinction between the figures within the foreground and the darkish background. Clarification: The portray that you’re finding out isn’t included within the query. Nevertheless, we are able to look, typically phrases, on the traits of Baroque portray. The Baroque motion started in Italy within the seventeenth century, and it was characterised by its intense dramatism. Baroque painters employed wealthy colours, in addition to intense mixtures of sunshine and shadow. Primarily based on this info, the more than likely reply could be B, because it mentions each the emotion within the face of the mom and the contrasts between numerous figures as a consequence of using mild.

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the reply is definitely B Clarification: simply took the quiz on EDG

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The reply could be b

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A. Baroque work are ornate and fancy.

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The place is the image?

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