Why would a loss of cerebrospinal fluid be problematic? What symptoms do you expect to see?

major headache that won’t go away due to not enough fluid circulating around the brain. Happens after you get a lumbar puncture.

Cerebrospinal fluid is the fluid that the brain “floats in.” It holds the brain up & suspended without resting or sitting on the skull. The brain should not be touched or touch anything else, as it is very sensitive to any pressure (think shaken baby, but not as extreme).
The main thing you would notice is the worst migraine of your life. Blinding, screaming pain.
The good news is-about the only way you can lose cerebrospinal fluid is to have a spinal tap (where a doctor inserts a needle into the spinal canal & removes fluid for labs). The patient is to remain flat on their back for 4-6 hours to allow the “hole” to seal. If it doesn’t, a blood patch will need to be done-blood is drawn from the patient’s arm & placed into the spinal canal to raise the fluid level & the brain.
The other way is trauma, like a car wreck with a fractured skull. If it happens this way, more than likely the patient is in bad enough shape their are unresponsive & don’t know the pain.
Hope this helps!

Loss Of Spinal Fluid

headaches blurred vision, who has that? there are many symptoms

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