Why Should You Teach in Alabama?

Why be a teacher? This question has bugged thousands of people before they took the decision of going (or not going) into the teaching profession. All Alabama teachers will tell you that they also once struggled with this question.

Another question that bothers a smaller section of people is why should I teach in Alabama and not move elsewhere? In this article, we will answer both questions and help you decide whether you want to be a teacher in Alabama.

Why should you teach in Alabama?

Alabama is not only a beautiful place but also one of the best states to move to in terms of community and cost.

Let’s talk about housing first. Housing in Alabama is cheaper than in most places. The average cost of a house in Alabama is less than the national average, and the same goes for average rent. If you want to save money for retirement or want to retire early and be financially independent, teaching in Alabama is a great choice.

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Now let’s talk about jobs. It may occur to you that housing and other things are affordable in Alabama because its economy is not booming. However, the unemployment rate in Alabama is less than the national average. That partly explains the low crime rates in Alabama. Future job growth in Alabama is predicted at 32.42%. If you move to Alabama or continue staying there, you will have no trouble finding a great teaching position.

Alabama’s average yearly wage is $53,786. As a teacher, you can upskill and make yourself capable of earning much more than this.

Alabama also has a booming tourism sector and great weather. If you want to spend your life in a lively neighborhood with a friendly community, Alabama is a great place to move to.

How to be a teacher in Alabama

Being a teacher in Alabama is not very different from being a teacher in any other state. You should ideally have at least a Bachelor’s degree to teach at a high-school level. Even if you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, you can teach at primary and pre-primary levels.

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You should also get a certification from licensed education institutes like Alabama Teachers of Tomorrow. A certificate training course will introduce you to hands-on teaching and how to manage a classroom in the real world. You won’t learn these skills from books or lectures about teaching.

An institute like Teachers of Tomorrow will also match you with your ideal job. If you like teaching high-schoolers, you will be trained accordingly. The same goes for middle school, primary school, and even pre-primary schools.

Once you are trained and certified, getting a teaching position in Alabama is easy.

But you should also ask yourself whether you want to be a teacher in the first place. Let’s find out more about it:

Should you be a teacher?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the idea of spending 8+ hours every day in a cubicle at a corporate office excite you? If not, becoming a teacher is an easy way to get into a different career path.
  • Do you like working with children and young adults? If yes, teaching would be the most rewarding profession for you.
  • Do you have patience in dealing with people? If yes, it’d be one of the most important skills for your career growth in teaching.
  • Do you like exploring and discussing ideas? If yes, you will be a great teacher who stirs the imagination of the future of our country.
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We hope you have a successful and meaningful career as a teacher in Alabama.

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