Why is synthol legal?

good question….i dont get that one maybe the sides are less “risky”

Is Synthol Legal

Synthrol is legal for many obvious reasons. First and foremost, it contains absolutely no illegal ingredients. All the ingredients are either over the counter, or FDA approved dietary supplemental ingredient grade. Secondary, it is sold for topical / external use only. Just like with any product, the retailer specifies a recommended use, they have no control , or responsibility,if products are misused (such as is people are injecting it). PS “Synthol” is actually a brand of French mouth wash. You were referring to “Synthrol” which is commonly mixed up. Synthrol is the bodybuilding site enhancement posing oil. You can see all the various brands available at MrSynthol.com

Why wouldn’t it be? If some idiot screws themselves up by injecting synthol (technically synthrol), it’s their choice. Why are cigarettes legal when over ten thousand non-smokers die from second-hand smoke every year? It is not the government’s place to waste tax dollars on enforcing arbitrary drug rules if the drugs cause no harm to anyone other than the consumer.

No it does not help to get bigger muscles. What it does is it puts oil on top of your muscles so they look bigger. Type in synthol on google images and see for yourself how disgusting and not real it looks. By taking synthol you will NOT gain strenght or increase your muscle size and it is not legal anywhere around the world.

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o snap i didnt even know that
i dont know…but i kinda wanna order it now lol
ill inject it everywhere…unlike greg valentino he just did his arms
oh ic this crap is the legal version though you dont inject it or anything
this crap you just rub on though? i dont know if thats the same as the injectable crap…i researched it abit
should i mess with it? or no

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