Why is Subway so stingy with napkins?

EVERY one I have been to only gives ONE napkin and does not have any sitting out….WHY?

The napkins cost about $0.60 a piece, it is standard to give one napkin for every six inch sub. If the manager sees the cashier giving more, they get into trouble.

That is a very good question. I have never noticed that before but I usually get mine to go. And whenever I ate there I always had to go up and ask for more.
Probably because there printed napkins and are more expensive than regular ones. Personally I dont need there logo on there, just something to wipe my hands and mouth.
But you are so right, its annoying.

That must be the way they are trained. They always put one napkin in your bag after they wrap the sandwich at every Subway i have ever been too.

I agree, I always ask for extra napkins when I get my sub to go.

that’s with the aid of fact the “huge wigs” drill that into each and each worker’s head repeatedly and over ……as quickly as I worked there, they actually gave workers a damaging score in the event that they gave away greater that 2 napkins in line with foot long-and a million in line with 6″ no longer kidding, then they might dock us if we did no longer recommend extras to each and each shopper-greater beneficial cheese, greater beneficial meat, cookies, the meal, present enjoying cards, and so on. (like we’ve been paid revenues wages.)The scores influence no count number if or no longer you get your 10 cent improve in line with three hundred and sixty 5 days! no longer kidding. I won’t devour there. Oh, and get this…they’re only meant to grant 6 olives in line with footlong! that’s on the “sub formulation” on the worker area of the counter. income is all they care approximately.

Answer 6

The ‘best answer’ is that these napkins cost $0.60 each? Yea, uh, no. I guarantee they do not cost sixty cents each. Fractions of a penny is more like it. WTH

Answer 7

maybe they are tired of the expense, i myself have a bad habit of taking a handful of napkins from wherever i am at, to keep them in my vehicle,

They are stingy. Only stingy place where comes to my mind.
But they serve better salad at cheap price.

To save the trees


Whenever I go there they give me like 10.

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