why does Vivi call Zoro “Mr.Bushido” in one piece?

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Vivi always calls Zoro Mr. Bushido, why is that???

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Bushido: The traditional code of the Japanese samurai, stressing honor, self-discipline, bravery, and simple living. Vivi I think sees Zoro in this way.

Melorine doesn’t really mean anything, I think it’s what he says to girls.

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Vivi One Piece

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why does Vivi call Zoro “Mr.Bushido” in one piece?
Vivi always calls Zoro Mr. Bushido, why is that???
and also, Sanji always says “Melorine, Melorine” when he thinks ᴘᴇʀvᴇʀтly lol
what does it mean??
that’s all….thanks alot

Bushido Definition

Mellorine is actually a type of ice cream made with animal or vegetable fat. It’s considered a delicacy in certain areas, and for some reason thinking of women reminds him of this dish, which happens to be extremely delicious. xD

Answer 6

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Because, she probably thought he follow rules of Bushido since he IS swordman and he wearing sash

Bushi (or Samuray) is a honor code (The way), only for royalty people. only Imperator is Upon a Bushi or Bushido.

Melori is a candy butter ice cream… so delicius.

Please, im a latin writing in english XDDDD be patient

why does Vivi call Zoro “Mr.Bushido” in one piece?

Vivi calls Zoro “Mr.Bushido” in one piece because Zoro is the perfect person to represent Bushido, the Japanese code of the warrior lifestyle. In this piece, we’ll explore why Vivi picked Zoro to portray Bushido, and what his character represents to the audience.

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What is Bushido?

Bushido is a code of conduct that governs the way samurai behave. It embodies such virtues as loyalty, courage, and honor. Many of the concepts within Bushido are based on Japanese culture and history, so it’s important to know what it is before you try to apply it to your life.

Zoro references Bushido in one Piece when he says that he follows the code of conduct because it makes him a better swordsman. His reasoning is based on the idea that Bushido teaches you to be compassionate and brave under pressure. These qualities can be useful in any situation, and they make Zoro a more effective fighter.

The History of Bushido

When most people think of Bushido, they probably think of the samurai code of honor and warrior culture. But what is Bushido actually? Bushido is a term that was first used in the early medieval period to describe the way of life of samurai warriors.

Originally, bushido referred to the way of righteousness, which was based on the belief that the samurai should act with honor and dignity. Over time, however, bushido became more than just a set of principles; it became an actual way of life. This is because the samurai believed that their strict adherence to bushido would give them the strength and courage to overcome any obstacle.

Today, bushido is still widely practiced in many parts of the world. In fact, it has even made its way into popular culture. For example, Zoro from One Piece often practices bushido in order to achieve his goals. So if you’re looking for something inspirational to live by, consider following the example of Mr.Bushido himself!

The Meaning of Bushido

The samurai code of honor known as bushido is a set of principles that guide the samurai in their pursuit of nobility and virtue. Although the samurai code of honor has been interpreted and modified over the years, the core concepts remain the same.

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One of the primary tenets of bushido is fukushoku danshi, or “the martial way of the warrior.” This refers to the samurai’s pursuit of excellence in both martial arts and strategy, and their readiness to fight to the death if necessary. Bushido also teaches that a samurai must always be prepared to sacrifice his own well-being for the sake of others, and must never waiver in his commitment to duty.

Zoro is often seen as embodying all of the principles of bushido, which is why he is known as Mr.Bushido. He is always willing to put himself in danger for the sake of others, and he is uncompromising in his dedication to duty. His refusal to back down even when confronted with insurmountable odds shows how true it is that a samurai must never waiver in his commitment to duty.

Vivi’s Take on Bushido

Vivi loves her samurai warrior, Zoro. And, she has a unique perspective on Bushido – the way of the samurai. Here’s her take on this ancient Japanese warrior code:

Bushido is about being honorable and striving for excellence in all you do. It’s about fighting fiercely for what you believe in, and never giving up.

Zoro embodies all of these values and more. He’s always been a fierce fighter, but he’s also been known for his honorable dealings and his adherence to the code of Bushido.

Vivi loves that about him, and she thinks it’s why he’s so popular with fans. There’s something special about a person who lives by the code of Bushido – it makes them strong and confident, no matter what life throws their way.

The Application of Bushido in One Piece

Zoro is one of the most enigmatic and complex characters in One Piece. Although he displays many traits associated with samurai such as discipline, honor, and courage, Zoro’s true character has remained a mystery to many fans. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why Zoro calls himself “Mr.Bushido” and how this reflects his philosophy and beliefs.

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Zoro originally named himself “Pirate Hunter Bushido” because he wanted to be a model pirate who embodied all the virtues of the samurai class. Over time, however, Zoro has come to see himself as something more than a mere soldier or fighter; he is now devoted to the concept of bushido, or the way of the warrior.

Zoro believes that true warriors must have humility and compassion, two qualities which are often forgotten in the world of war. He also holds that wisdom is key to achieving victory, and that it is not necessary to be physically strong or fast in order to be a successful warrior. In fact, Zoro considers these qualities to be nothing more than simple tools that can be used by anyone to achieve their goals.

Zoro’s philosophy reflects his character perfectly: he is both


In one piece, Vivi calls Zoro “Mr.Bushido” while severely injured and near death. Given that Vivi has known Zoro for years, it stands to reason why she would address him in such a way – especially considering the fact that he is one of the few people who knows her true identity. It could be said that by calling him Mr.Bushido, Vivi is being polite or even flattering; however, whether consciously or not, this nickname also implicitly references Zoro’s samurai code of conduct and his warrior persona.

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