Why Does my Mic Sound like a Robot? – Fix Sound Glitch

Why Does my Mic Sound like a Robot? Nowadays most people spend their time on the internet communicating with their friends, parents, colleagues, family, etc. Doing this will help to fill the gap between physical and virtual but sometimes there may be some technical issues.

People sometimes face technical audio problems during online chats or on calling etc. It leads to the sound getting slow or it gets without tone. And this will make the microphone sound like a robot. This article will guide you about the details of the mic sounding like a robot and how we can fix the sound glitches.

Why does my mic sound like a robot? 

There are various factors that affect the quality and the clarity of the sound from the microphone but the majority of the issues are caused by software-based problems. The following are some common problems which are caused by the microphone by which the sound is sounding like a robot and how can a person fix it.

Your connection

There are many technologies by which audio chat is being done. In this app, the audio is captured by the mic of the person and the audio gets translated into Digital information after that the digital information is then streamed over the connection to the person to whom you want to talk with or send the audio.

Sometimes there may be a poor connection or a connection that is suffering from the loss of bits of data in a stream which will result in trying to try and fill in the gaps and causing a robotic sound.

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Theirs occur two situations when the stream is interrupted sometimes if the audio is being delayed then it may be reached established quickly and then so send to the other person all at once and played quickly or sometimes the audio information that is being missed during this stream of information then the other person is getting the duplicate information which is on this small scale which will stretch out the words of the audio. And which will cause the robot microphone to sound.

How can we solve the problem of Robot sound from the microphone? 

The simplest way to solve the problem or issue is to check the internet connection at home or at the place you are recording or working at. Getting the issue solved will affect the quality of audio so the person will need more people to find a solution. Solving this issue makes sure that the device is connected to a stable Heights bit connection.

On a computer or a laptop, you can check the connection by left-clicking the Wi-Fi signal icon which is in the Taskbar and then you need to select the strong signal so that your Internet connection is stable. But if you are connected with a weak signal such as a Wi-Fi router that is located away from you where you are using the app for chatting or doing work like recording. Then the person will experience that loss frequently. Which will result in a question: why does my mic sound like a robot?

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Check the connection speed and packet loss for free

If a person does have a stable connection and is strong at high speed but still has the problem of audio glitches. Then this person should check the connection speed and packet loss for doing this simply search for the speed test and packet loss services by using the search engine. And for solving the issue the person needs to search a number of free services that conduct the test quickly right from the browser will be opened for you and if the test is reported that of slow speed or significant packet loss then the person needs to contact the ISP.

How do you solve the problem of discord? 

The following are some points showing how to solve the issue that will make them sound like robots. 

  • Firstly the person needs to connect to the server.
  • Search for the voice channels and then click on the edit channel.
  • From the edit channel and select the overview from the list.
  • Go to the override box and left-click.
  • From there change the server to one of the closest located persons or to the group by whom the person is speaking.

How to check the quality by listening to the mic playback?

The following are some steps to check the quality of the microphone by listening to the audio in playback:

  1. Firstly right click on the speaker icon that is present in the taskbar.
  2. From the volume setting open sound settings.
  3. Make sure that the device is selected as the input section.
  4. Open the device properties by left click on it.
  5. Left-click on the additional device properties.
  6. Then select the listen tab.
  7. Check the box that is showing listen to this device.
  8. Lastly, don’t forget to apply it.
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Now the person can hear the mic playback with the help of a speaker or microphone.


The reason behind the mic sounding like a robot is that there may be technical issues such as the internet connection or low-speed internet that cause the robot sounds so to solve the problem the person should check the internet connection or wifi connection.


Why is my audio fuzzy?

When there is an overloading of the sounds then they may occur problems in handling the volume level of the microphone which leads to distortion.

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