Why does my box fan slow down and speed up?

My room is extremely hot right now and my fan keeps slowing down then rapidly speeds up.

If it is in the window, the breeze from outside will cause it to do that.
It could be from the different air blowing in, but If I were you, I wouldn’t go to sleep with it on, just in case something is wrong with it.

I have put oil on the bearing ends on both sides of the motor. It runs at full speed for a little then slows way down then speeds up again This repeat constantly without a pattern.
. Is it the motor or the motor 3 speed switch. This in on an old window fan. It fit perfectly in my window so I don’t want to get rid of it.

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Try to put some oil in the “bushing”. Bushing is a metal tube where the metal “shaft” juts out in front of the motor housing. Shaft is where the plastic fan blade is attached. Bushing serves as an object to keep the rotor always in the center when it rotates. When the motor is running there is a lot of friction produce here. When this dried out (no oil), the motor’s running speed tends to slow down because of two metal surface scratching.
If you drop some machine oil (not cooking oil or baby oil) on this part, friction will be minimized and makes the motor run very fast and smooth.

After doing a little research, it seems that the fans coils may be worn out or the capacitor has gone bad. The capacitor is what gives the fab it’s “umph” to get started and stay at speed. That might be a good place to start. Or, depending on the fan or your level of experience at finding and replacing the cap, you may just come out ahead buying a new fan. Hope that helped out some.

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