Why do some girls flirt with my boyfriend in front of me?

Okay, so my boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half, and at school we’re kinda pda, the casual kiss on the forehead, holding hands, things like that.

Cause they are whores!

bring it up. sounds to me like you have two options. get him to tone it down and or quit it, or leave him. First he knows it bothers you so that should let him know that he shouldn’t be doing it or at least not as much. I know some guys are just flirts, but if he doesn’t reassure you that it’s nothing and he’s just being him then it seems like he doesn’t care about you. I don’t see why he’d think about you two moving in if he didn’t care. So maybe you just need to sit down with him and see what’s really going on. Like just asking him why he does that, and in front of you even when he knows it bothers you.He might want more attention from you or something. So you have to find out why he’s doing it and then make a decision.

Urgh girl’s can be a pain in the ***, some don’t care if a guys taken they will still home in. Some girls their form of communication with a guy is just to flirt.
Its good your boyfriend doesn’t seem to notice, whenever a girl comes and flirts with your bf join in and be touchy feely with your bf to basically say ‘He’s mine’
But try not to be jealous or possesive (which i doubt you will anyway).

they were probably flirting with him before you were going out.
that’s just the relationship they have with him, it doesn’t mean anything they won’t change though, its good you’re not jealous but you do have to recognise so long as he’s not flirting back its cool
annoying though… don’t try to show them up by flirting with him more than them just to show ’em
he’ll get a bit pissy and you might lose him, pettyness always loses.
if you’re not jealous you can just put it past you. can’t you?

well maybe there jealous of you and your relationship with your boyfriend, maybe you should talk to the girls about how its making you feel. Or just steer his interests away from them and change the subject and get the attention back on you. Make him feel special

Answer 6

Are you sure that he has no idea?
Anyways, as you are pondering that, just tell them right then and there to cut it out. If they act like they don’t know what you mean (trying to play dumb) and keep doing it, start acting that way towards them, it will creep them out I’m sure as they are not gay.
Or just walk off with him.

Answer 7

They don’t respect you and they’re jealous because they don’t have a man of their own. Simply tell your boyfriend don’t allow it. Tell him to let them know not to do that because it’s disrespectful to YOU. In front of your face is even worse

Just start making out with him infront of them. They’ll get the hint.

aslong as hes not flirting back its all good because at the end of the day hes all yours:), but honestly you need to be more confident, make yourself noticable infront of those sluts.


tell both him and them something and put them straight. tell them’ i dont like the fact that ur flirting with him wen im rite there and u no we r going out’

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