Why do people hate Sidney Crosby?

I can’t understand why people don’t like Pens hockey player Sidney Crosby and call him a baby. He has so much class. He is talented and has Stanley cups. Flyers fans give him a hard time and say he sucks plus is not likable. Why is that?

In general, if fans of other teams hate him, that’s a good thing.  Exception to the rule – Phil Kessel.

Forget Flyers fans, among the worst in sports. They boo Santa Claus.
It’s the world we live in. Decent people who are successful remind others of their serious shortcomings and are attacked.

1) Because hockey is a tribal sport. Get used to it. You love your team and hate the other teams. I love the team I cheer for and everyone else can f*** off.
2) He’s done more than his fair share of dirty s**t including spearing guys in the balls, and was a 3rd man in during a fight when he was punching a guy in the balls from behind. This is NOT classy.
3) When he came into the league he’d flop around like a soccer player and complain to the officials nonstop. That part of his game has started to abate. A bit.

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