Why do cricket habitats need egg cartons?

I put my crickets for my chameleon in a feeding container. I was wondering if I should put a piece of egg carton in the container.

It is simply for a hiding place. They do not eat the egg cartons, and they lay their eggs in moist soil. The eggs don’t survive in egg cartons. Crickets eat mostly vegetables, or grain products. And don’t worry about using the egg cartons when feeding your chameleon. Always do your homework, and never take what some of these people tell you here too seriously. There is alot of misinformation being given out here.

Cricket Habitats

The egg carton not only gives shelter to the crickets but gives them more room as well otherwise they’re all crammed together at the bottom of the cage. When they don’t have enough room, they go canniballistic and start killing one another.
Seriously, get some egg cartons in there pronto!

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I heard the egg carton was to supply a place for them to hide. The larger crickets will eat the smaller and it’s shelter for the pinheads.

Answer 6

Crickets eat paper which includes egg cartons, newspaper, books, cardboard, cereal boxes, etc. They not only eat the paper, they lay their eggs in it and then what hatches eats the cartons, etc. That’s why crickets are so prolific.
If you want your crickets to multiply, supply the egg carton. If you just want them for food and expect your lizzard to eat them fairly quickly, no carton necessary. If your lizzard doesn’t eat them very fast, the carton will keep the remaining ones alive with that as their food source.
If I’m wrong, would someone please correct me. That is just my observation.

Answer 7

I could be wrong, but I always thought it was to give them something to hold on to. When I used to have lizards and went to buy crickets, they’d put them in a plastic bag, so I always just figured they put the cartain in to give them something to hold onto, otherwise they’d be struggling to climb onto each other.

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