Why are there always mirrors behind the alcohol in bars?

I always see mirrors behind the alcohol at bars, why is that?

so the bartender can see what is going on when his/her back is turned

It serves two main purposes. The first is that is makes the bar look bigger. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away bars were usually very narrow usually just wide enough for you to stand or sit at the bar. The mirror made the room look and eel bigger. The second is was for safety. The bar keep/ bar tender could keep an eye on what was going on when their backs were turned.

sounds pretty good. perhaps a weapon could be useful. a knife (bigger than pocket) or gun. a good all weather fire starter is steel wool and a nine volt batter (touch the + and – of the nine volt to the steel wool and you have flame) just don’t store them together. When you are thinking food, think high fat. Fat will give you the most calorie for size ratio. nuts are good. You might want to consider a weather proof pancho too. It can be used as shelter pretty well, can be used as a sack, and can even be made into a canoe with the right sticks. Some kind of high strength string would be useful, so you wouldn’t have to use shoelaces. Using a mesh sack to carry supplies could double as a fish net or hammock. I was in the army for ten years and used this a little bit.

So the bartender could see the varmints, coming in the door before the gunfight began, That at least gave him the time to duck down behind the bar, before the bullets stated flying.

Atmosphere.. Makes the room look bigger and people can see the movements of others in the mirror. Makes the bar seem more active.
All perception.

Answer 6

there is a hidden room/office behind the mirror.u can see the club from that room throught the mirror.

Answer 7

Three reasons. One, it is a non-porous surface that is easy to wipe down. Two, you can bounce colored light off it to illuminate the liquor bottles. Third, it creates the feeling that the bar is larger than it really is. Hope this helps, Good Luck.

And who is stesling the booze? Well it is Sexy Trojan of course.

So the bartender can see who is trying to steal something (cash, liquor, etc.).


so that John wayne or clint eastwood can shoot it out in the gun fight in the saloon.

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