Why are fresh fruits and vegetables sprinkled with water in the super market?

I’ve got to know for biology class!

Sprinkling fruits and vegetable with water keeps them firm and hydrated so they seem fresh and attractive to the buyer. Why?
Water is hypotonic to the plant cells. Water has fewer solutes and a higher concentration of water than the inside of the plant cells. That causes more water to diffuse into the plant cells than the amount of water that diffuses out of the cells. More water inside the cells makes them nice and firm.
Memory trick: when cells are in a hypotonic solution … hyp – o – tonic makes them swell up like an O.

fruits and vegetables when unripe has starches as carbohydrates and becomes into fructose when it ripens.

To keep them fresh- rarely are fruit sprayed, it’s generally the green leafy vegetables that need the water to keep the leafy bits crisp and fresh looking.

I wonder that myself. There is no health reason. I wonder if it because they get to charge you a few extra thousandths of a penny. In a big chain like Kroger’s, that would add up on a daily bases. You put wet fruit or veg in a plastic bag. Then you are also weighing the water that was on the fruit.

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To keep them from drying out. It also helps keep away fruit flies.

Answer 6

They are watered to keep them hydrated and also to make them more appealing to the buyer.

Answer 7

to make them appear fresher than they are

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