Who sings the theme song to The King of Queens?

or was it just made for that show?

King of Queens Theme Song Lyrics
Title: “The King Of Queens Theme”
By: “Billy Vera & the Beaters”

My eyes are getting weary.
My back is getting tight.
I’m sitting here in traffic on the Queensborough Bridge tonight.
But I don’t care cause all I want to do
Is cash my check and drive right home to you.

Cause Baby, all my life,
I will be driving home to you.

Eddie Money King Of Queens

The show’s theme song is performed by Billy Vera and the Beaters. It was introduced in Season 2, along with the more-common opening sequence.

Bill Vera of Billy Vera and the Beaters is the singer. He had a hit back in the 1980’s with the song “At This Moment”. A beautiful song I might add.

Billy Vera and the Beaters

Answer 6

Billy Vera & The Beaters ps. I LOVE that show!

Answer 7

Eddie Money?

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No, seriuosly those other guys are right.

me i write it and send it to them

I do!!

but only when I’m bored

Thanks for the replies, very much appreciated.

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