Who killed Anita Lukander and why? ?

The man on trial for her murder was cleared as a suspect.

Oh you mchiefer?

The driver, at the hall, with the candler

The psychic got johnstone acquitted and channeled Anita; why didn’t Anita tell the psychic anything?!?

The friend who took her for a car ride that night?

…I was extremely moved when I saw this on a tv program…Im very curious about the investigators never looking into a local fisherman perhaps that watched the victim at her workplace….its someone local that lives across or very near the workplace….

I was on the jury and I think they know who killed her but the evidence was so poorly stored and the investigation flawed they will never be able to bring (them) to justice

Answer 6

I wonder if she had a brother inlaw? the composite looks so much like her husband!!
also, when the wallet and purse are found, they are close by.

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