Who is the narrator of ‘Granny and the Golden Bridge’?

The story is told by his grandson Manuel Explanation:

Try d thats what i got right

The correct answer is option D. Explanation: The story Granny and the Golden Bridge, written by Claribel Alegria tells the story of a grandmother who wants to generate her own fortune by trafficking weapons and helping the army in the Civil War.
The story is told by his grandson Manuel, who says his grandmother was crazy.
The grandmother put in a role of cook, helped the guerrilla leader carrying baskets with fragmentation grenades, G-3 cartridges, and mortar rounds of 81 millimeters.
His partial desire was to earn money selling these things to the army.

The narrator of “Granny and the Golden Bridge” tells the story about his grandmother and her charity. is the answer

Claribel Alegria’s is my best guess hope i helped

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