Who is the girl in The Smiths video How Soon is Now??

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That girl (in 1985) should be in her 40’s now…
Apparently she’s living in Alabama according to the cemetrygate-fansite:
“We don’t know exactly who she is yet, but we’ve gotten some interesting info from fans.
First, the video was made by student filmmakers in England who were commissioned by Sire. The girl was a friend of the filmmakers and was either a model or an acting student. Second, she is a friend of a friend of a Smiths fan! At the time the video was shot, 1985, she was working at a modelling agency in New York. Through the agency she got the opportunity to appear in the video. She didn’t know who The Smiths were at the time and wasn’t and probably isn’t a fan of the band. However she apparently did listen to some cool music and was open minded. She has a child now and is living in Alabama. Perhaps we’ll just leave it at that so we don’t unleash a mob of Smiths fans to her door.”

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According to someone else (see second link) it’s Jaime Pressly, but Jaime was born in 1977 (see third link), so in 1985, when the video was shot (see fourth link) by Paula Grief and Richard Levine for Sire Records, the Smiths’ label in North America, she was only 8 years old…

Source(s): http://www.cemetrygates.com/faq/faqmusic.htm

Jaime Pressly Fansite

i had the most epic crush on this mystery girl .. she would be approaching 50yrs old now at least ..but i would still be in love with her even now ..however soon now is…

She’s my Mom you old pervs!!!

She is not Jaime Presley. Though Presley’s Wikipedia article says that it is. (Surprise! Wikipedia has something wrong!) Presley was eight and living in North Carolina at the time.

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she should out herself. We’re all in love with her.

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