Who is “Cindy Lou Peoples”? Last night on Desperate Housewives…?

the name of the little girl that Felicity Huffman’s son “bribed” with a cookie was “Cindy Lou Peoples”. WHERE do I know that name from?

Cindy Lou Peeples…hmmm. Wasn’t that from The Golden Girls? The gals decided to go to a high school reunion and I believe Dorothy took the name Cindy Lou Peeples since, according to Rose, she was a dead ringer for her. Rose, on the other hand, took Kim Fung Toy or something like that.

I’m sorry that I am late to the party but Marc Cherry, the creator of Desperate Housewives, was a writer for the Golden Girls and this was nod to his previous show. Dorothy assumed the role of “Cindy Lou Peeples” when the girls crashed a high school reunion.

“Cindy Lou Peoples” is definitely a Golden Girls reference. I totally cracked up when I heard that name on Desparate Housewives, since I’m a huge Golden Girls fan. When they decide to “crash” a high school reunion, Dorothy pretends to be Cindy Lou, and it turns out that she is voted “most improved” since high school, or something like that. At the end of this episode, Rose has a heart attack.
I wonder if the Desparate Housewives writers are fans of the Golden Girls, or maybe they are the same writers?

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Isn’t she one of the Who’s down in Whoville?

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