Who is Canada’s Head of State?

Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada.

Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada.
She bears a striking resemblance to the Queen of Jamaica.

The Queen of Canada.
Note:  she is Canadian, regardless of any other citizenships that she has.
She is also NOT “Queen of England.” There hasn’t been one of those since 1707.  She is Queen of the UK though, but that is completely separated from her being Queen of Canada, and even operates under different laws.

Queen Elizabeth II. Canada is an INDEPENDENT country with a prime minister.

On paper, the Queen of England at the moment.

Like the UK, we are a constitutional monarchy, we even use the same monarch.  Politically the Prime Minister (currently Trudeau) is the leader but officially the Queen is “Head of State” though this role is largely ceremonial.  We use a Governor General to represent the Queen here in Canada.

Answer 6

Queen Elizabeth II.

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