Which word is another possible synonym for the word assess? assess verb evaluate decide regard apply Definition: to make a judgment

A.) Evaluate Explanation:

Calculate Explanation: E.X. The damage was assessed at $15 million

The correct option is . Further Explanation: Thesaurus refers to a reference work in which the words are listed according to the meaning. The synonyms of the words are placed as per the meaning. It helps the users to find the synonym of the word and to find a word which is appropriately suitable in any particular place. Also, antonyms are stated in the thesaurus entry. Not all the words are stated in the list of the synonym of a particular word. A thesaurus can be claimed to be a reference book containing information related to a word. It is also a storehouse of the words which contain information. Different words with equivalent meanings are grouped in the thesaurus. There is a small difference between a thesaurus and a dictionary. A dictionary contains the words arranged according to alphabetical order. A dictionary gives a detailed explanation of the word and provides assistance to spell and pronounce the word too. The definition of the word is not given in the thesaurus entry. According to the given thesaurus entry, the synonym for the word ‘assess’ is ‘evaluate. The possible synonym of the definition ‘to make a judgement about something’ is ‘evaluate’. Learn more: 1. When should a comma be used between adjectives? 2. How does the excerpt exemplify the ideas king describes in “danse macabre”? Answer details: Grade: Senior School Subject: English Grammar Chapter: Thesaurus entry Keywords: Thesaurus entry, synonyms, dictionary, word, assess, evaluate, judgement, antonyms, meaning, reference book.

The answer to that question is evaluate

another one would be rates

Answer 6

A. Evaluate Have a nice day

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