Which word defines ‘deplorable’ best?

Which word defines “deplorable” best? peaceful uneventful beautiful regretful

Regretful would work because it is a synonym for deplorable

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D – regretful Explanation: Of these choices, regretful is the closest in meaning. If something is ‘deplorable’ it is REALLY bad – like homeless people live in deplorable conditions or the treatment of the Jews was deplorable during the Holocaust.

regretful Explanation:

The best one out of the four listed would be: Regretful. Explanation: That word is the most accurate out of the words listed due to the fact that “deplorable” means to do something deserving of condemnation. Explanation: In context of taking another humans’ life, that is something considered deplorable by the U.S. legal system. It might be something that would be considered worthy of regret. It’s a bit of a stretch but neither of the other answers would make sense.

The answer is definitely the last one, regretful. Deplorable means something that is worthy of severe condemnation or reproach, but it can also mean something lamentable. So it is definitely not a happy emotion, so peaceful and beautiful are certainly not correct. And this word does not mean uneventful, but regrettable.

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