Which type of verb typically includes the word ‘to’?

The type of verb that typically includes the word “to” is C. infinitive. The infinitive is the base form of the verb. Moreover, the present infinitive can have the form of “to-infinitive” or the form of the “zero infinitive” (without “to”). The first form is frequently used and, for that reason, the infinitive typically includes “to”. Furthermore, the “to-infinitive” can function as subject of the sentence, direct object and even as object complement. Some of the verbs that can be followed by a “to-infinitive” are refuse, propose, want and decide.

The correct answer that includes the word “to” is C:  infinitive, since this type of verb is not conjugated and therefore do not have people, pronouns or time. The infinitive means uncongruent verb is recognized because we find the word “to” before the verb.

D. Infinitive Explanation:

The answer is D. Infinitive

An Infinitive verb form.

Answer 6

A verb that starts with “to” is in an infinitive verb form. Typically, an infinitive can function as adverbs, adjectives or as nouns; it usually does not function as a verb. Also, an infinitive has no inflection binding it to a particular subject or tense.

Answer 7

Hold up i have the answers

I had no idea,but I think it is D.

I think the answer is B


Infinitive ? If you’re learning a language… hablar is “to speak”. That is the infinitive form of many verbs such as: hablo or hablaba. These mean: “i speak” and “I was speaking”

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