Which Supreme Court procedure involves justices discussing a case,

Which Supreme Court procedure involves justices discussing a case,

deliberation Explanation:

Since, options are not given, the question is incomplete. The complete question is as follows: Which supreme court procedure involves justices discussing a case, debating its key issues, and arriving at their own opinions on the appropriate ruling? a. deliberation b. judicial review c. sharing opinions d. public arguments b. judicial review Explanation: Judicial review can be defined as the power of the court to examine the case in the court of law and actions of the executive, administration and legislature of the country. The judicial review can be given a judge of court or jury. The judge of the Supreme Court is expected to give fair opinion. The jury of supreme court can discuss about a case.

the answer is (Deliberation)

The correct answer is the conference. At the conference, Supreme Court justices meet and debate issues and discuss the cases before the Court.

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The fourth answer is correct (D). The judges of the Supreme Court represent the apex of the hierarchy of the Judiciary. In this way, they are responsible for analyzing the constitutionality of proposals and analyzing special cases through deliberation. Deliberation takes place when a new fact occurs over a previous deliberation or when a matter not yet discussed reaches the court. Thus, the judges discuss the points and vote. The majority decision becomes applicable in the legal system of the country.

The answer is: Deliberation

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