Which statement regarding STRA6-mediated retinol uptake is best supported by the passage?

Which assertion concerning STRA6-mediated retinol uptake is finest supported by the passage? Retinol uptake exercise by STRA6 is restricted with out the presence of intracellular binding proteins. The expression of STRA6 is more likely to be larger within the liver than in goal organs. Retinol uptake exercise by STRA6 is accelerated when retinol is saved as intracellular retinol quite than as retinyl esters. Binding of holo-RBP to STRA6 is more likely to have a Hill coefficient higher than 1.

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right reply is a. and d.

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One of the best ways to inform its true shade is to have a look at the minerals streak

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the reply is c. by: nicholas dooley

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a) carbon, hydrogen b) carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen c) carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus d) sugar e) amino acid f) nucleotide

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