Which statement best explains the situational irony that occurs in the passage?

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a Explanation: I think it’s A because since the bachelor was saying how bad she was at telling stories, he then decides to, but is as bad as her. (irony)

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d Explanation: took it on edge

Hello, Just took the test and sacrificed my score for you! The answer is D< THE LAST ONE> The aunt tells a story with a moral, but the children ignore the lesson.

Answer 6

the answer is D Explanation:

Answer 7

The aunt does not expect the bachelor to tell a story,
but he does.
Explanation: The Storyteller is a populaly known short story authored by Hector Hugh mcgrath. The participants in the chapter are also the ones described, the baby, the aunt as well as the single.

Irony applies to the comparison between perceptions and what really occurs. The extract includes two instances of this: first, the right response, as the actual hopes as that if the gentleman should stay quiet, and he doesn’t; and secondly, whenever the gentleman begins talking, once the children appear to be curious, and thereafter they know that almost all storeys were doing the same.

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The aunt does not expect the bachelor to tell a story, but he does is the correct answer. Explanation: The Storyteller is a short story written byHector Hugh Munro, pen name Saki, and it occurs during a road trip. The characters are the ones mentioned in the excerpt, the kids, the aunt, and the bachelor. Irony refers to the contrast between what is expected and what really happens. There are two examples of it in the excerpt: first one is the correct answer, since the real expectations were that the bachelor would remain silent, but he doesn’t; and the second one after the bachelor starts talking, when the kids seem to be interested but then they realize that all stories were the same.

The aunt does not expect the bachelor to tell a story, but he does.

The aunt expects the children to laugh at the story, but they don’t. Situational irony – the expected outcome fails and something else happens.  She is known to be a good teller of stories, but the kids do not laugh and she wonders if she really is a good storyteller or not. Explanation:

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