Which statement about yup’ik finger masks is true?

Which assertion about yup’ik finger masks is true? a. they’ve vibrant colours. b. they’ve difficult shapes. c. they present easy human or animal faces. d. they present a number of particulars within the faces.

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C. They present easy human or animal faces

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D.They present a number of element within the faces is the proper reply. Clarification: The Yupik persons are usually present in southwestern Alaska. Yupiks masks are the shamanic ritual masks which might be made by the Yupik individuals of southwestern Alaska. They’re manufactured from wooden and are painted with only a few colors. Each women and men carve them, however principally males are engaged in carving them. Shaman are those who information the boys to make masks. The masks is meant to carry luck and luck in hunts. The masks are destroyed after use. The masks dancing was suppressed when the Yupik individuals got here into contact with Christians.

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It’s C finger masks are manufactured from driftwood and animal bone.

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A,b, and c are all appropriate

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D. They present a number of particulars within the faces. hope i helped

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I believe the reply is A <3

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I believe the solutions are A, B,C becuse I keep in mind I did this query at school

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The right solutions amongst all the opposite selections are c. finger masks had been manufactured from driftwood or animal bone and d. pairs of finger masks had reverse expressions to point out stability. Thanks for posting your query. I hope this reply helped you. Let me know in the event you want extra assist.

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