Which reason best explains why living things need carbon?

Which cause greatest explains why dwelling issues want carbon? carbon is a supply of power. carbon reduces international temperatures. carbon is a vital solvent. carbon is in all places.

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Crops take in carbon dioxide and make carbohydrates in a technique of photosynthesis. Carbohydrates have many C-H bonds which breaking down releases such quantity of power. Additionally, lipids are the macromolecules with the best variety of carbon-hydrogen (C-H) bonds, in order that they comprise extra C-H bonds than carbohydrates. So, carbon is the a part of macromolecules containing potential power within the type of C-H bonds. On the finish, carbon is the supply of power.

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C. as a result of it may assist the physique generate extra cells.

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Carbon is a supply of power

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Carbon is a vital part in dwelling issues as it’s current within the meals of dwelling issues within the type of saccharides similar to glucose and polysaccarhides similar to starch. Therefore the reply to this drawback ought to need to be A. Carbon is a supply of power.

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To provide glucose which is required for power.

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The reply is A Rationalization: i simply took the check

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