Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the united states?

Which pull issue would more than likely encourage an immigrant who needed to boost and promote cattle in the us? 1. industrial jobs 2. cheap land 3. the promise of freedom 4. costly land in residence nation

It will in all probability be quantity 2 as a result of individuals dont wish to spend some huge cash on land to boost and promote cattle, and they need to be making a residing off of that.

Cheap land was the pull issue.

Land and recent soil and and good surroundings and good locations with lots of land

Soil would encourage immigrants who needed to boost and promote cattle as a result of they obtained good crops to present to the cattle.

The reply is B cheap land

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The US authorities would most likelu observe the rule of legislation and abide by the courts determination

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Properly by the point of the primary and second waves of immigrants most cattle drives have been completed but when there was a cattle driver or proudly owning of any cattle in any respect the institute could be as a result of the meat makes a however load of prophet and anybody in that enterprise could make a LOT of cash.

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Cheap land

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