Which pair of molecules both contain carbon atoms?

Which pair of molecules each comprise carbon atoms?

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Proteins and fat i consider… Its been awhile.

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fat and proteins Rationalization: The fats molecules are the necessary biomolecules which consists of carbon and hydrogen atoms. The association of those atoms make the construction of fats hydrophobic which is soluble in natural solvent and insoluble in water. The proteins are additionally the important metabolic biomolecules a few of them are regulatory others may be structural in nature. They consists of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. These biomolecules additionally accommodates sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen in composition.

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cohesion and adhesion

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fat and proteins water and carbohydrates nucleic acids and water oxygen gasoline and fat Fat and proteins each comprise carbon atoms. s Rationalization:

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Fat and Proteins Rationalization: Fat and Proteins are the form of the first molecules that comprise carbon atoms. In fact different molecules akin to water, and carbohydrates each comprise carbon atoms.

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Fat and proteins are the reply

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Fat and proteins or water and carbohydrates

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The reply can be fat and proteins.

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