Which pair of angles is supplementary?

Which pair of angles is supplementary? ∠rxz and ∠yxz ∠pxq and ∠rxs ∠yzx and ∠uzt ∠wzx and ∠wyx

∠RXZ and ∠YXZ Step-by-step explanation: 1. Thank 2. Me 3. Later

∠RXZ and ∠YXZ  is supplementary.   Step-by-step explanation: We have to choose the pair of angles from the given options which are supplementary. Two Angles are supplementary when they add up to 180 degrees. As we know the linear pair are adjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines. The measure of a straight angle is 180 so linear pair of angles must add up to 180 degrees. ∠RXZ and ∠YXZ pair of angles formed on the straight line RY when line XZ intersects and angle on the straight line is 180 hence, supplementary. Rest three pair of angles not formed on straight line. Therefore, option 1 is correct.

B Step-by-step explanation: im not sure of the answer

∠YZX and ∠YZT Step-by-step explanation: A pair of angles is said to be supplementary if they both add up to form 180 degrees. from the diagram, only angles ∠YZX and ∠YZT add up to form a supplementary angle.

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