Which option below would be an acceptable revision of the underlined selection

C) Both male and female characters are treacherous Explanation: The segment There are both male and female characters who are treacherous… is unnecessarily wordy in this case. In the previous sentence, we’ve already received information about the presence of certain characters (The Mayan world portrayed in the story is filled with rivalries, violence, and transformation of characters) and the insertion of There are… in the following sentence feels somewhat unnecessary, like a repeated introduction of the characters.

D No revision is necessary. Explanation:

D). No revision is necessary. Explanation: As per the question, the underlined phrase ‘popular monuments, trekking through the thousands of exhibits’ does not require a revision as it is both grammatically and syntactically appropriate and successfully accomplishes the meaning of the paragraph. The underlined phrases follows the parallel structure adequately(through the use of nouns in the list of items(monuments, exhibits) in a parallel frame). Therefore, it does not require any kind of revision and hence, option D is the correct answer.

I think, and from my point of view D is acceptable

Ithink it is the last one

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