Which one of the following is a working capital management decision?

what type of after is a functional money administration choice? Several Selection O Determining the quantity of gear needed seriously to finish work. Determining whether or not to spend money for a purchase or utilize the credit made available from the provider. Determining the quantity of long-lasting financial obligation necessary to finish a project. O Determining the amount of stocks of stock to issue to invest in an acquisition O O Determining if a project should really be accepted. Which of following events are thought stakeholders of a company? 1. worker II. Long-lasting creditor III. National IV. Typical stockholder Several Solution 0 Tonly. O IV just. C ) land sick just. II and IV just II, III, and IV just. What type of after company kinds is most effective to increasing huge amounts of money? Several Solution o O Sole proprietorship. o restricted obligation business o Corporation. o General partnership o Limited partnership The development of both single proprietorships and partnerships is often restricted to their: several Selection Ο Double taxation Ο Bylaws. Ο failure to increase money. Ο restricted obligation. Restricted obligation Ο Organizational articles. KCCO, Inc., has present assets of $7,200, web fixed assets of $25,400, present liabilities of $6,350, and long-lasting financial obligation of $15,100. What’s the value of investors’ equity account fully for this company? (don’t round Intermediate calculations.) Investors’ equity $O simply how much is web working money? (don’t round Intermediate calculations.) Web working money $O
federal government, owners, companies an such like.
quantities of money.
1) choice ‘B’ is proper
Total Liabilities = $21,450
Total Assets = $7,200 + $25,400 = $32,600
Total Liabilities = $6,350 + $15,100
Web performing money = present Assets – present Liabilities
Determining whether or not to spend money for a purchase or utilize the credit
Shareholder’s equity = $32,600 – $21,450
4) choice ‘C’ is proper
Therefore in provided choices workers and federal government are thought

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