Which of these themes recurs in Jane Austen’s novels?

Which of these themes recurs in Jane Austen’s novels? A. revenge B. industrialization C. class distinctions D. death

Class Distinction Explanation: During the time of writing, there was a huge class distinction between the royalty, nobility and commoners.

In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Beckett’s family wants to marry a rich noble because it will make them wealthy and be from a higher class. This class distinction theme also appears in other books by her like Sense and Sensibility. Hope this helps

C) Class distinctions Explanation: One of the dominant topics in the literature of Jane Austen is that of class distinctions. This was a major concern of English culture at the time. Class determined the chances that a person had in life to an enormous extent, including the partner they could have, the education they could receive, the job opportunities they got and the people and places they could frequent. Jane Austen was able to portray how important this was to people while at the same time offer some criticism. She was able to question whether this was really the best way for society to conduct itself.

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C. class distinctions Explanation:

distinctions are the recurring themes in Jane Austen’s novels. It was at this
time, that class faction is very held highly and people are living to what the
society perceives them to be. This is the time when there is so many benchmarks
upon the elegance of both Տҽ×es are made.

Answer 6

Class distinctions!

Answer 7

I am not 100% sure but I think it should be 3 Class distinctions

I’m pretty sure it’s c.

Out of the many books I’ve read, prejudice is the theme I see the most, although books like hers have many themes so it can be hard to tell.

The answer is B)industrialization

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