Which of these refer to a steady combination of chords creating a calm, soothing sound?

Which of those consult with a gradual mixture of chords creating a peaceful, soothing sound? a)chord development b)consonance c)triad d)dissonance

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triad is the reply Rationalization:

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The right reply is: B. CONSONANCE Rationalization: Consonance is a subjective notion in keeping with which sure musical intervals are thought-about much less tense than others. it’s the high quality of these sounds that, produce a nice impact. At the moment in music, these intervals of consonance are: unison, minor third, main fourth, ffifth minor sixth,  main sixth and eighth.

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consonance Rationalization: In music principle, consonance refers back to the high quality of consecutive or simultaneos sound that match collectively in an agreeable, pleasing method. Consonant chords will naturally flip right into a “sounding good” sensation, typically referred in addition to “completely satisfied” seems like center C and G. They make up an ideal fifth. The proper fifth and the proper octave kind excellent consonances. … The foremost third and sixth, referred as minor third and sixth, are imperfect consonances. The alternative are the dissonant chords, which regularly will give a flip within the course of the sensation of the piece, and they’re additionally typically merely seen as “unhappy” notes.

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The reply is triad. Rationalization: I’d recognize it for those who might additionally make my reply brainliest!

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triad Rationalization:

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Triad Rationalization: Triad is refers to a gradual mixture of chords.

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It refers to a mix of chords

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Letter D.

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Ought to be B. Consonance

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