Which of these elements is strictly romantic?

Which of those facets is strictly romantic? a. tune– lengthy and lyrical b. rhythm– routine meters like 2/4 and 4/4 c. consistency– primarily main/minor tonality d. characteristics– crescendo and decrescendo

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A. tune- lengthy and lyrical … i consider.

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A. tune– lengthy and lyrical Description: Out of Classicism, we concern the romantic interval of music. Its selection and density are so intricate that it’s appropriate to divide the length evaluation into 2 blocks. On this publish, probably the most primary parts of Romantic music are commented. Within the subsequent essay, the authors of nationalist character will likely be examined, whose works confirmed the spirit of their nations or areas of origin. Romantic-era music continues to be taken pleasure in for its richness in melodic and harmonic innovation, its poignancy and magnificence, together with its extramusical associations. Some authors of the time composed bel canto opera that commemorated the enchantment of the human voice in lengthy, significant tunes with subtle and sensible ornament.

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Theirs no picture re-ask this concern and embrace the picture.

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No concern so i cant response.

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