Which of the graphics best represents an animal cell

Which of the graphics greatest represents an animal cell

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i can’t discover the propositions however i can you answering the query. eukaryotic cells are cells with a nucleus that comprise many organelles equivalent to mitochondria, the golgi equipment, the endoplasmic reticulum, eukaryotic cells acquire animal cells and plant cells. an animal cell is represented within the image (with its elements): 1 nucleus -nuclear envelope -chromatine -nucleolus 2 cytoplasm -mitochondrie -endoplasmic reticulum -golgi equipment -lysosomes (blue dots) -peroxysomes (gentle blue) -centrioles -ribosomes -cytosquelette 3 cytoplasmic membrane

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Idont see a photograph, however it will likely be the spherical cell with a nucleus, no cell wall, and no giant central vacuole (large large blob in the course of the cell)

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A. Animal cells are very near plant cells, however they’ve one key distinction that separates them; the cell wall. A cell wall is a thicker layer on the skin of the cell membrane. These are distinctive, and are solely present in plant cells. Animal cells simply have the cell membrane as their outer half. This permits them to alter form as a result of membrane being very versatile. Plant cells don’t change, and solely conform to their cell wall’s form. This permits them to develop up (actually) to assist collect daylight and allow photosynthesis.

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The reply is A as a result of animal cells are a rounded form. Plant cells are an oblong formed.

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You’ll discover {that a} plant cell has a cell wall, whereas animal cells would not have a cell wall.

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