Which of the following would rank lowest in cephalization?

Which of the next would rank lowest in cephalization? a. arthropods b. mammals c. mollusks d. cnidarians

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The reply is D.Cnidarians

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The right reply is- D) Cnidarians. Cephalisation is a course of that describes the event of a definite head that possesses a properly developed mind, which controls the entire physique of the organism. Vertebrates like mammals are probably the most cephalised organisms as they comprise extremely developed head with nervous system.     Amongst invertebrates, some cephalised organisms embrace bugs, spiders, mites ( that come below arthropoda). Cnidarians like sea anemone, jelly fish are lowest in cephalisation as a result of they solely comprise a fundamental nervous system however they’re devoid of head.

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the reply is A. hope you bought an excellent rating

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The reply is B. Cnidarians

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It’s cnidarians, cnidarian phylum has all diploblastic animals they usually exist in type of polyp (stationary type) or medusa (free swimming type). Diploblastic animals solely have two cell layers, they do have mouth however the physique division of head and trunk doesn’t exist on this phylum. Hydra is a traditional instance of cnidarians. Whereas they’ve anterior and posterior finish, but no clearly outlined cephalic construction and subsequently, they might rank lowest in cephalization

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My greatest reply could be A) Cnidarians

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Redone is the least I believe

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when organisms are likely to group all their main organs close to the entrance of their physique.

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