Which of the following were the vikings known for?

Which of the next have been the vikings recognized for? a. utilizing each swords and axes in battle b. being the one fighters throughout europe to take prisoners c. each of those d. neither of those

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The reply will probably be C, They utilizing each swords and axes in battle they usually have been fighters in and throughout Europe to take prisoners, Additionally they have been professional boat builders and sailors. The Vikings have been well-known for crusing lengthy distances from their dwelling in Scandinavia and commerce with individuals from different international locations.

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a.  utilizing each swords and axes in battle. Clarification: The Vikings have been seafarers who developed a repute for themselves as explorers, adventurers, and fighters. Most students typically equate the time period Viking with the Scandinavian phrase Viking a time period which means “pirate.” Whereas they have been usually accused as barbarians invading the extra civilized societies for riches and girls, the intentions and cultural values of those individuals have been far more various. Such raiders have additionally impressed many modifications across the nation, from economies to battle.

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it’s tough however to me it Is A

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Utilizing each swords and axes in battle.

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A. That is what they have been greatest recognized for at greatest.

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Hope this helps!

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The proper reply is A. Utilizing each swords and axes in battle Clarification: I simply took the check on Edge 2021, I hope this helps!

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