Which of the following type of ceramics is used for making bricks

Which of the next kind of ceramics is used for making bricks

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There are not any sorts listed however I’d say fireplace clay.

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Are there any reply decisions however almost certainly sculpting

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the reply is Earthenware.

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the reply to this query is C

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The right reply is – c) earthenware. The earthenware is the ceramics kind that’s used for the creation of bricks. Historically, the time period brick has been used for the items composed out of clay. These days, with all the brand new methods and supplies concerned into the development, a brick will be any rectangular unit that’s laid in mortar. Nonetheless, a typical brick consists out of the earthenware, to allow them to be from clay-bearing soil, lime, and sand, but additionally are used the concrete supplies to offer it extra power.

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Earthenware is used to make bricks.

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