Which of the following suffixes means ‘bearing or producing’?

A suffix is a form of affix that is attached at the end of the stem form of a word. Suffixes can change the meaning of the word and usually the new word is used as an adjective or descriptive word. From the choices given, the suffix that means “bearing or producing” is letter A. -oferous.

3 – oferous good luck.

I took latin suffixes

A Explanation:

a morpheme that is added at the end of a word to form a derivative

Answer 7

so a suffix meaning bearing or producing is both bearING and producING. hope it helps

The answer is B -oferous. I took the test too.

There is no correct answer among all the choices provided. Suffix ‘-iferous’ is the right answer for the question stated. An example that can be used is the word ‘carboniferous’. It is a geological period and the word means carbon-bearing.


Your answer will be coniferous it often means bearing or producing.

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