Which of the following stores the most energy in chemical bonds

Which of the next shops essentially the most power in chemical bonds

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The reply is a double carbon-carbon bond.

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The reply for “Which chemical bond most certainly shops essentially the most power?” is C. Double carbon-carbon bond. Hopefully this helps!

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c is the reply as a result of c=c shops most power.

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carbohydrates Rationalization:

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one gram of fats Rationalization:

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one gram of fats Rationalization:

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Possibility A, Strangler fig Rationalization: The underside most species in a meals internet is the producer or every other organism that incorporates chlorophyll and is ready to produce meals for themselves in addition to different species. The species feeding on producer will get solely 10% of the full power contained throughout the producer and like clever power at every trophic stage of an power pyramid is simply 10% of its earlier stage.   Subsequently species mendacity on the finish of meals internet (apex of power pyramid or highest trophic stage) has the least power and the species that lies on the backside of  meals internet (lowest stage of power pyramid or lowest trophic stage)has the best power.  
Therefore, Strangler fig shops essentially the most power of all given choices.

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The reply is; Oceans Water, particularly saline water within the oceans have a excessive particular warmth capability that means that the power required to boost a unit of water to 1 diploma is larger than in most different substances. This is the reason oceans are vital buffers in world warming phenomenon as a result of they warmth up slowly and launch warmth slowly.

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The physique makes use of carbohydrates (glycogen) for medium-term power storage and lipids (fat or triglycerides) for long-term power storage. Carbohydrates retailer about 16 kJ/g, whereas fat retailer about 39 kJ/g. Gram for gram, triglycerides retailer greater than twice as a lot power as glycogen. Rationalization:

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