Which of the following statements about the privacy act are true?

Which of the following statements is true of the notice of
privacy practices?
Incorrect: It gives the covered entity permission to use
information for treatment purposes.
Correct Answer: It must be provided to every individual at the
first time of contact or service with the covered entity. The paper health record has been scanned and is now available
digitally. What is this known as?
Incorrect: It is still known as the paper record since it was
originally paper.
Correct Answer: It is known as imaging. Which of the following statements is true?
Incorrect: An authorization must be obtained for uses and
disclosures for treatment, payment, and operations.
Correct Answer: An authorization must contain an expiration date or
event why? You will provide a brief summary (3 sentences) about what
you learned about the correct response and what you learned about
the incorrect response chosen (3 sentences)

The brief summary about the learning from both the incorrect and
correct responses are as follows:
Incorrect: It entails that covered information can only be used
for treatment purposes.
Correct: It entails that it should be given to every covered
arrival at te first instance.
Incorrect: It entails that documentation records even available
in soft form is identified by paper.
Correct: It entails that it should be replaced with imaging.
Incorrect: It focuses on the prior permissions for using and
disclosing for treatment, payment and operations.
Correct: It focuses on mentioning the validity of

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