Which of the following shows the extraneous solution to the logarithmic equation below?

A.-6 Step-by-step clarification: on edg

x=-6 Step-by-step clarification: 2log_(5)(x+1)=2 log_(5)(x+1)^2=log_(5)(5^2) (x+1)^2=5^2 x^2+2x+1=25 x^2+2x-24=0 delta=100 x1=4 x2=-6

x=4 Step-by-step clarification: log5(x+1)=1, (x+1)=5, x=4

second one Step-by-step clarification: are you able to assist me with my query The floor of the Gilded Age was of nice prosperity, whereas the inside was corrupt; the “gilding” or good exterior of the Gilded Age got here from which of the next? A. Rebuilding the nation from the left over cash from the Battle B. The technological developments of the economic revolution C. The mass motion of individuals from the nation into the cities D. New monuments and buildings inbuilt honor of the battle heroes

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