Which of the following protozoans is most likely to cause digestive system disorders?

Which of the next protozoans is most certainly to trigger digestive system problems?

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Entamoeba from the phylum Sarcodina Rationalization: This protozoa causes digestive problems and causes an infection the digestive tract of the host cell. As it’s a parasite, this implies it can not reside with out host cell. They’re fairly small and their life cycle is straightforward that consists of two levels infective stage and trophozoit stage. The transmission of the an infection happens by the ingesting the cyst that contaminates the water provide.

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Entamoeba from phylum Sarcodina

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The protozoan that’s most certainly inflicting digestive system problems is Entamoeba from phylum Sarcodina. The proper reply could be choice A. The protozoan Entamoeba is often the reason for Amebiasis. It leads to the irritation of the big intestines inflicting persistent diarrhea.

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Entamoeba from phylum Sarcodina is most certainly to trigger digestive system problems.

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