Which of the following is true with regard to development?

which with this after works with regards to Kohlberg levels
of honest development
interactions, along with the postconventional level, a person’s sensation
regions of activities.
of honest development ISSUE 16 Which with this after works with regards to Kohlberg’s levels of honest development? A. Kohlberg proposed that kids of varied genders and personal groups move through these levels in various means. B. this notion presents the treatment standpoint of morality and undermines the justice standpoint of morality C. Kohlberg proposed both levels of heteronomous morality and independent morality to show honest development in children. D. development through quantities occurs as morality reaches become more interior or mature
of morality is defined with regards to much more abstract ideas and
honest development. Inside preconventional level, a child’s sense of
criticized because of their assertion that girls appear to be without
child’s sense of morality is related to person and societal
Each level relates to more and more complex levels of
Kohlberg’s idea might have a personal and gendered prejudice
exclusion of various other values, due to the result it could perhaps not
their particular honest reasoning capabilities in comparison with dudes.
morality is externally handled. Inside main-stream level, a
pre-conventional, main-stream, and post-conventional.

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