Which of the following is true of levina bening teerlinc?

Which of the next is true of levina bening teerlinc?

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Each a and b are right so the reply is D

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d. a and b are true.

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its D my man she was concerned within the court docket and was highest paid artist.

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The reply is D. Clarification: I simply did the quiz and this was the reply.

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The proper reply is D not A

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The statements which might be true about Levina Bening Teerlinc are A and B. That is why the right reply is D.
Levina Bening Teerlinc was an artist from Bruges, who labored as a royal painter for the next English kings and queens: Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth I.   In 1545 when she moved to England, she changed Henry VIII’s earlier royal painter (Hans Holbein the Youthful) who had handed away lately. In distinction along with her predecessor, Levina obtained a a lot increased annual fee and have become the very best paid artist in Henry VIII’s court docket. Later she served as a chaperone within the royal homes of Mary Tudor and Elizabeth I.

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The reply is a as a result of she was later concerned in queen Elizabeths court docket

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